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“I have no hesitation in stating that Tina is an outstanding editor, and a highly-valued contributor to our workflow. I particularly note the invaluable work that she does in connection with our published versions of the federal Income Tax Act, a core document in all of our tax libraries, and our most complex dataset. We would trust few people to manage this material, but place complete reliance on Tina’s ability to deliver what we need, on time. Her skill, experience, and dedication have ensured that this critical document is expertly maintained.

Throughout her relationship with CCH, Tina has dealt extensively with authors, members of the editorial staff, and other departments within CCH. She has consistently demonstrated strong interpersonal and communications skills, as well as a clear focus on common goals. She is among our most valued colleagues, and a true pleasure to work with.”

- Robin Mackie, Director of Editorial
  CCH Canadian Limited

“A trusted contributor to a number of DT Publishing Group titles, Tina Dealwis can always be counted on to deliver on time with her facts in check. Be it human interest stories or technical reviews, Tina's writing style consistently engages the reader from beginning to end.”

- Jeff Tiessen, Publisher, DT Publishing Group

“Tina is very good at communicating with people, and allows each individual to open up and share their story. “Patient and kind” are the words that are most used by the clients when describing Tina, and she is always well liked by all. Tina is hardworking and dedicated. She is only satisfied when the clients are completely happy with her writing. This is what makes her work so successful.

As a contributor, Tina is honest and dependable. Her work is always submitted on time to meet our deadlines, regardless of how limited they are. She handles any issues that may arise with confidence and determination.”

- Profiles of Success Magazine

"Excellent, accurate and timely service is Tina's mission, and she means it! Through her editing process, Tina has taken my writing to the next level. Her suggestions and insights made all the difference to the quality of my e-book, and her advice can be used in my other projects going forward. Tina's professionalism and attention to detail makes her a delight to work with, and has allowed me to develop writing skills I didn't know I had. I highly recommend her!"

- Joanne Lowe, Author of Money Management for Women e-book


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