Heidi Lussi
Drive - Determination - Results

Profiles of Success

Heidi Lussi loves a challenge. Her motto - Drive - Determination - Results is not just a slogan, it is a credo she truly lives by. And by following those principles, Heidi has achieved great success. Whether she’s running a marathon, biking in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, working out, skiing or making an important real estate deal, Heidi approaches everything she does with passion, ambition and vigor. When you speak with Heidi, it quickly becomes evident that she could very well be the perfect real estate agent. Positive, energetic, kind, honest and trustworthy, Heidi comes by her success not only by hard work and dedication, but through her natural ability to succeed and make people’s dreams come true.

If you ask her where she gets her natural ambition, she will say she was born and raised that way. Born and raised in Switzerland, Heidi is no stranger to beautiful surroundings. She gains her inspiration from the people and scenery that have touched her life—her beautiful surroundings in her new home of British Columbia, her family, her husband, and her career. She admits that she recognized her drive for success even at a young age. “My success drive has always been huge in me,” Heidi says. “It’s probably the way we’ve been raised. My dad is a very successful, driven, but very passionate business man. Although I have seven siblings, people always say to me ‘you are definitely your dad’s daughter.’”

Heidi strives to achieve, inspire, and be the best person she can be, both in her career and her personal live. “It’s in my nature. I want to be successful. I want to be looked up to by other people. I want to inspire others and my team, and I think by my results, I’m on the right track.”

Before she entered the real estate business, Heidi worked as a waitress. One of her regular customers was a prominent real estate broker. He saw how Heidi cared for all of her customers, and the wonderful service she provided. “He saw the way I deal with people, and the speed. I was really fast. I had a personality that he thought would be good for real estate. Seeing people and finding out what they want,” Heidi explains. “He kept telling me ‘you’re in the wrong business, you should be working for me.” One day, the restaurant owners decided to sell the restaurant, and Heidi decided a career change was in order. “I called him up, took the test and he said I would make a perfect real estate agent.” The rest is history.

Heidi’s positive energy and enthusiasm for her career and life envelops you. You can’t help but be excited about Heidi’s business and her solid team. Heidi says she begins each day with the intention to do better than the day before. “It is what I aim for everyday. I am focused and it helps me to stay on track. My aim is to always be up and to have lots of energy for my team, my clients, and of course, my husband.”

Heidi and her team work hard to ensure the best service for each client. Heidi is a strong marketer. She uses all the traditional real estate marketing tools, such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), newspaper ads, detailed color brochures, a results proven marketing plan as well as Open Houses with her Team Smart Car!!! However, her website, www.heidilussi.com, is a great source of pride for her, and a joy for her existing and prospective clients to visit. “Clients love my website because it’s simple and gives good information,” Heidi says. The website includes professional floor plans for each listing done by a professional architect. Her website also contains profiles of people in her team, and virtual tours. “People can walk through the house and get a good idea of what it will look like.”

Her website is also in English and German, which she says international clients love. “In terms of uniqueness and success, I feel our English and German website is fantastic. European clients love it. They’ve shown their clients what’s available in Canada.” This means great exposure for all of Heidi’s Listings. Also, four of Heidi’s team members speak German fluently, which puts the minds of German speaking clients at ease.

Despite Heidi’s strong marketing approach, her greatest attribute is her service-with-a-smile approach to her work. Clients know they will have an agent who will happily work hard for them, and make the real estate process as stress-free as possible. They are secure that Heidi will look out for their best interests, and will always conduct her business with honesty and integrity. Heidi’s ambitious, driven personality ensures that she will do what it takes to make her clients happy. Her down-to-earth, friendly personality makes the process a pleasure. Heidi’s whole team is coached by a professional real estate coach on an ongoing basis, which ensures they will be a well functioning, productive team.

“The experiences we had with Heidi’s Team were of the highest quality and they showed nothing less than true professionalism. It is quite apparent the staff is the foundation of this superbly run network. Heidi herself is a ball of energy, uplifting, always smiling and positive. We would love to deal with her and her team again,” raves one happy customer. From another satisfied client, who enthuses about Heidi’s first-rate service: “The listing and the sale were both handled in a very professional and unique manner. Heidi and her team maintained a superior level of feedback at all times. We were never left wondering what had transpired. Not once did we have to wait for a call back by an answering machine, as she was always readily available for any queries we may have had. All questions were also answered very informatively.” Another client recalls how hard Heidi worked to find them the right home. “Our new home is working out wonderfully and we couldn’t be happier! We do not hesitate when we hear of someone looking for a home to bring up Heidi’s name and tell them of our great experience in dealing with her. We are grateful to Heidi and her team for all their hard work in finding us the new home we wanted and could afford!”

Heidi says her secret of success is simple: “To never give up and to never forget the basics. It is a people business. Technology is great and it’s a must, but we should never forget that it’s about people and their lives. Never forget how stressful it is for people to buy and sell a home and to really be sensitive to that.”

Heidi also says that being self-aware, and understanding what makes a person unique also contributes. “You also have to find the cutting edge—what you have that is unique to you,” Heidi says. “My uniqueness is my personality, to be able to relate to people, and my languages. That is unique to me and my team. I’m totally devoted to my career and hard work. That’s really what it boils down to. You have to put in the hard work in order to succeed. Nothing comes from nothing.” Heidi also says that having a strong and dedicated team behind her allows her to provide the service that clients deserve. “There’s no way I could do such service if it wasn’t for my team. The industry has become much more fast-paced. Also, it gives me more balance in my life,” Heidi explains. “We always have people available for clients at all times, and we still have quality of life while giving prime service to our clients.”

In her spare time, Heidi enjoys the time she spends with her husband, and says he brings balance to her life. Heidi also enjoys biking, running, traveling, reading, and taking courses.

In the future, Heidi says she would like to continue to build a solid and fantastic team. “I want to have a really well-functioning, dynamic team. I want each person to become more dynamic and more balanced in their lives. When each team member is happy, it creates a wonderful dynamic in the group. Whatever Heidi Lussi strives for in the future, she will do so with drive and determination—and achieve top results for her clients.

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