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It’s the simple things in life that inspire Heather Waddell - her three dogs, nature, spending time with her family, and pride in her work. When you speak with Heather, you are immediately struck by her warm, down-to-earth nature and the quiet confidence she exudes. A consummate professional, rather than take a flashy approach to her business, she adopts the same down-to-earth and simple approach in her career that she does in her personal life. She says that her success is based on some simple concepts: hard work, dedication, and being a people person. “It’s very basic in my opinion,” Heather explains when asked about her secrets of success. “It’s about having a good work ethic, and enjoying people, as we are in the people business.”

It’s a formula that has paid off for Heather in a big way. Over her 27 year career, she has achieved incredible success, and has developed a flawless reputation in the Calgary real estate community. Heather has a natural charisma with people, and, that, combined with her strong work ethic and business savvy, made real estate the perfect career choice. Heather thrives on the challenges that she encounters everyday, and loves the fact that no two days are alike. “It’s always exciting,” Heather enthuses. “It’s like going to university everyday. You learn from people every single day. I find that very fortunate in our business - to be able to learn from an interesting and fabulous client base. Working so closely with people, finding them a home or selling their existing home, you really do have a vast exposure to their situations and their stories.”

Heather prides herself on the fact that most of her business is based on referrals, due to her loyal clients and the name she has built for herself. “The biggest thing is your name, your reputation,” Heather says. “I really pride myself on that. I’ve worked many years to build that.” She loves her clients, and her work, and says that she is proud of the long-standing relationships she has built. “I love working with people, getting to know them. I’m very proud of the fact that many of my clients have been with me for years. With some of my clients, I’m now selling to their adult children,” Heather says. “I think we all have a very warm relationship.” Her clients agree.

“Heather Waddell is an excellent salesperson and a competent professional. Her knowledge and skill from the listing to the final closing of the sale were outstanding,” one client enthuses. From another satisfied customer: “Heather Waddell is simply wonderful and I put a lot of trust and confidence in her ability to do a superb job. She never let us down.” Another client raves about Heather’s knowledge and professionalism. “Heather Waddell was a breath of fresh air! She was professional, knowledgeable, caring and intelligent.” “Heather did an outstanding job catering to our schedule and our difficult to please tastes,” raves another client. Another client was happy with Heather’s honesty towards her work. “Heather is an outstanding professional who works from integrity and impeccability-two qualities I value very much.” “Heather was courteous, professional, and sensitive to our needs and schedule. She exceeded our expectations in a real estate salesperson,” enthuses another happy customer.

Over her career, Heather has also earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues. “We have always considered Heather to be a tremendous asset, not only to our company, but to the industry in general,” says Ted Zaharko, broker and owner of Royal LePage Foothills Real Estate Services. “Her hard work and business ethics are a great example for all Realtors and the results of both have placed her in our top 1% in Canada,” he says with pride.

Heather works hard to ensure that she provides first-rate service to her clients, and she gains valuable exposure for them. She will often do an MLS open house with lunch, where she invites realtors to come and view her new listings. In addition, digital photos are taken on new listings; she uses these pictures on the listing information sheet, and on different websites. A floor plan is also drawn up for the client, as she has found floor plans are useful in planning furniture placement or perhaps renovations. She advertises consistently in “Homes and Land” Real Estate Guide; as well, she features her Carriage Trade Listings on the www.luxuryhomes.com website, of which she is a Charter member for Calgary.

This veteran’s hard work, dedication, and professionalism have reaped her many rewards. She has won numerous awards over the span of her career, including the Award of Distinction—Most Referred Real Estate Agent, awarded only to the top three most referred realtors in Calgary; the Award of Excellence, and she has also been a member of the Royal LePage National Chairman’s Club for the last 13 years, a group comprised of the top 1 per cent of agents in Canada. She has won the respect of her clients and peers alike. “She is the very best example of professionalism and class. It is a pleasure knowing her,” states a past president of the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Prior to real estate, Heather worked in advertising, marketing, promotions, and fashion. She entered real estate at a time when she needed a career change. Her career had reached a point where she would have been forced to relocate if she wanted to advance. She preferred to stay in Calgary, and thought that real estate would provide a rewarding and challenging career. “Calgary was my home, and I had been in my prior career for seven years. Real estate was a great challenge for me.” In addition, her mother, Beth McQuiston, also a licensed realtor who still works with Heather, saw that real estate and Heather would be a perfect match. “We’re both really similar in our work ethic,” Heather says. “She enjoyed it and liked it so much that she thought it would be a good profession for me.”

Heather heeded her mother’s advice, and carries her strong family beliefs into her business. She works with a team, which consists of herself, her mother, her brother, Hugh McQuiston, who is also a realtor, and administrative assistant Jo-Ann Roy. “Family is very important to me,” Heather says. “It’s a team of family members except for Jo-Ann who is like family.” Heather says having her team behind her is an important advantage, because it allows her to handle each client with the utmost in service and professionalism. “I can’t be a one-arm paper hanger, in other words, you have to have that support. If I’m booked and someone wants to see one of our listings right away, as a team we’re giving great service because there’s always someone there,” she explains.

Heather often works seven days a week, and says that is just part of the job. “Real estate is a way of life-you’re in it or you’re not. You have to be available when people are available, and often that’s evenings or weekends.” Even with her hectic work schedule, Heather manages to carve out time for herself, time which she treasures. She maintains a balance by keeping her personal life private, and by living a simple life. “We are so exposed in our business everyday that I keep my personal life private. I live a very private life,” Heather explains. She talks openly about her pride and joy—her three dogs, Marvin, Joey, and Benji, all of whom she helped to rescue during her time as a volunteer with the Animal Rescue Foundation, an organization devoted to the rescue of dogs. Heather says that the organization has expanded greatly over the years, so she now takes an active role as a donor, as opposed to a rescuer. She also supports the Browning Foundation and the Cochrane Foundation, both animal rescue groups. Heather greatly values the time she spends walking her dogs, and says it gives her time to regroup and bring balance to her life. “It’s my quiet “time-out” with my dogs and nature. It’s like a mini-vacation everyday. I’m then clear-headed, relaxed, and ready to get back to the real estate business. That keeps me very grounded,” Heather explains. She is also an avid exerciser, and works out almost daily. Her family is also very important to her, and she treasures her family time.

Heather’s credo is “Whatever you take on, give it your best!” She lives by those words in all areas of her life. “I come from a family that never minded hard work,” Heather says. She advises new and upcoming agents to “develop a strong work ethic, always be on your toes, and always know your market. You are offering a valuable service to your client. Remember that client is making probably one of the biggest-if not the biggest decision-that client will ever make in the purchasing or selling a home,” she advises. As for the future, Heather will continue to find inspiration and success from the simple things in life: hard work, honesty, and making her clients’ real estate dreams come true.

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