Cole Castelane
A Successful Balance

Profiles of Success

Meet Cole Castelane - real estate success story for 27 years, devoted family man, hockey fanatic, and philanthropist.

Cole exudes such a calm, warm, and friendly attitude that one wonders how someone so successful can be so at ease. Cole’s success secret is simple. Not only has he discovered a rewarding career, he has unlocked the key to happiness. Cole's philosophy can be summed up in one word: balance.

Cole says clients don't want to hire an inexperienced or over-worked agent. "If you are having surgery or selecting a new MD, you don't want an inexperienced stressed-out doctor. Clients want someone who is competent, relaxed, up-to-date with technology, and who keeps abreast with today's ever changing industry. Real estate is the same. Clients want someone well-rounded, who is at the top of their game.”

Balance can be an elusive dream, but Cole’s perfect mix of hard work (12+ hour days), family and personal time, and giving back to his community and those less fortunate, has allowed him to beat the odds and create a career and life of which he is proud.

Team Work

Cole and his father, Ron Castelane, are long-time business partners; they have built an award-winning and successful real estate business with extraordinary service. They have completed over 2,300 real estate transactions, thanks to their strong referral and repeat client base. They were the Top Century 21 agents for five consecutive years and listed in the Top 10 in Canada for all of Century 21 agents. Cole is consistently ranked in the Top 1% of realtors in Winnipeg.

Cole is amazed by his father's youthful enthusiasm and energy, and again it comes down to a happy, balanced lifestyle. Ron, 74, plays hockey a few times a week for the Winnipeg Steelers Hockey Club. He plays golf at Niakwa Golf Club and has shot under his age numerous times. Ron played with The Winnipeg Marrons' Hockey Club (winning The Allan Cup in the 1960s), and was inducted into the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and Sports Hall of Fame with his fellow team mates.

Rounding out "The Castelane Team" is their Assistant, Angie Mcfadzean, who updates vendors on all aspects of the marketing process. Angie ensures that the home receives maximum exposure in today's market. She also manages the team's Buyer Computer Search Program. “We sometimes get over 100 calls a day and all I can say is thank goodness for Angie.”

Supporting Clients

Cole believes that his “balanced approach” gives him a positive attitude and warming personality that is attractive to clients. “Buying a home is the biggest investment in most people's lives, and, as the agent, you must put them at ease. I'm honest, hard working, and very approachable. I am a calming influence in the sales process and stay level-headed. Clients expect and appreciate it.”

“Let's get your house ready”

“Purge the files, paint the walls, de-clutter.” Cole will detail a home months before it is listed. In Cole's view, “clients often can't see their home objectively or don't know what or how to upgrade for maximum impact with prospective buyers. I prefer to view a property before the owners try to prepare it for the market and guide them to the areas that, with a little improvement, will lead to a fast sale for the highest price.”

Cole understands the challenges sellers face, especially, senior citizens. He offers them many extra services to facilitate their move. There is also a finance program for sellers to repair their house and pay back when sold.

He is also a skilled market evaluator. He took courses through the Appraisal Institute of Canada and required Economic courses from the University of Manitoba that has given him a keen perspective of perceived market value.

Cole is also a strong believer in keeping up with the latest technology, and his website,, contains complete virtual tours of every home he lists. "It's not just a still shot. It's well worth it the value.”

Humble Beginnings at 18 years of age

Cole's real estate beginnings started one summer at the age of 18 when his father called a family meeting. “He told the four kids and my mom he would be out of work in a year. We were scared! At that time, he enrolled the two of us in the real estate course.” Cole laughs when he recalls: “What 18-year-old wants to spend their summer studying for a real estate course?” However, encouraged by his mother to support Dad and his idea, he would be able to keep his options open for the University of Manitoba in the fall.

Cole credits his mother, Patricia (Hunter), a professional model, with keeping the family unit strong. “She juggled two careers, and raised four children. She was a huge influence as my Dad was away often on business when we were young.”

A Family That Plays Sports Together ... Stays Together

Cole has a naturally strong work ethic, ambition, and family values, characteristics that he has tried to instill in his two sons, Brett (13) and Quinn (10). "I want to teach my sons that success is not just about earning and spending money, but also means enjoying your job, your family, your health, and your life."

Further, Cole believes that while education and continuous learning are critical components to a successful future, a point he is also instilling in his children, strong academics need to be balanced with fun and other character building activities.

Hockey has been a life-long passion for Cole and he has passed the love of the sport onto his two sons. Cole laughs when he says he, along with wife, Carla, spend countless hours at the hockey rink. He rarely misses a game and hosts hockey parties at his own mini hockey rink that he had built in his basement. (see photo)

Cole and Carla also enjoy renovating their house, and look forward to family vacations. Summers are spent at Lake of the Woods. “It's the only place the boys want to be,” says Cole. “We also try to squeeze a family snowboarding / ski trip to the mountains in British Columbia. What a place to catch up and be together!”

In all of this, Carla works behind the scenes and helps maintain the balance that Cole needs to stay focused on both his career and home life. “How does that saying go? - Behind every successful man there is an even more successful woman!”

Lending a Helping Hand

Cole never takes his success for granted. He is grateful for all that he has achieved, and possesses a strong philanthropic streak.

For four years, he has been on the executive of The Pembina Trails Hockey Association, a club for players 11 to 17, and is currently vice-president. “You can make your child a better player and person if they are introduced to the programs and professional coaching staff.” Cole also sponsors children who require financial assistance to participate in hockey or other sports, which is very expensive for many families in this day and age.

Cole is a major contributor to charitable organizations and sits on various boards and committees, including the United Way Major Donor Counsel. “United Way’s goal is to inject all the money back into communities in Winnipeg.”

He is a former Director of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board and Ducks Unlimited committees. He has been a guest speaker at many venues, including “The Secrets of Success Panel” at the Canadian Real Estate Association Conference in Victoria, B.C., where his peers selected him to represent the Winnipeg Real Estate Board, and spoke at Century 21's National Conference in Toronto.

Building a Dream

Cole turned what began as a family obligation into a career that he loves and cherishes. From that day at age 18 when his father signed him up for the real estate course, Cole never looked back. “I love real estate because it's never the same day. Every client is different, every situation varies. I deal with estates, relocations, upsizing and downsizing, and my main data base of clients that have bought homes over the last 27 years. One client called and said: ‘Do you remember when I retired 25 years ago at age 60? I'm now ready to move into a condo.’ It is nice when an 85-year-old client still remembers me.”

Though his career has spanned 27 years, Cole has no plans to retire. “I'll always be in real estate. I'd like to get involved in building projects such as constructing quality, affordable condos for seniors.” He will continue to make his clients content with his no pressure, helpful approach. “Selling isn't what you do to people - it is what you do for people.” - wise words from a veteran who will bring his balanced perspective to the industry for years to come.

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