Alex Fernandes
Faith - Security - Confidence

Profiles of Success

“If you love something, you will excel at it,” says Alex Fernandes. These simple yet powerful words are the backbone of Alex’s philosophy and approach to his life and work. Alex believes that when you follow your passion, success follows, and has taken this ideology to new heights – literally.

Alex’s two passions are flying and real estate. He is a certified flight instructor, and owns his own airplane. “I am inspired by my passion for flight. I love the freedom, the peacefulness, the isolation, and the view - being above it all.”

Alex’s love of flying gives him joy and helps him to be a well-rounded, balanced individual. He describes obtaining his pilot’s license as one of his proudest moments, as it fulfilled a lifelong dream. Alex was raised in a third world country in a Catholic orphanage from the age of three until he was reunited with his family at age 10. He remembers dreaming of flying during difficult moments. Ever special was the first time he flew with his father. He recalls telling his father he would become a pilot one day. “Years later, as an adult, I took him on the most memorable flight of my life and his; watching his expression and feeling the pride he had for me, fulfilled my dreams. This gave me the faith to believe that dreams, hopes and wishes do come true.”

Alex has subsequently turned his passion for flying into perhaps the most important ingredient in his business. Not only does he take his clients out on his airplane, he had the wisdom and foresight to realize his aircraft’s business potential. “Flying gives me the edge. Aerial views sealed the deal on three private islands – there are things you can only appreciate from the air. This gives me the extra tools that enhance my business – as well, it’s my passion.”

While out on the open skies, he takes aerial photographs of farms, cottages, and other properties, and quite often surprises the homeowners with the photographs as a gift. “The fact that I fly has many benefits. I take pictures of farms and other properties, or people will make designs, crop circles or messages in their fields with their tractors, and it gives me such a thrill to take a picture from the air, and leave it in their mailbox. I’ve taken people up to see drainage and irrigation sites and property boundaries. I fly up and down the coast of Lake Erie and I’ve gotten to know it really well.”

Alex’s aerial photos also prove to be a valuable marketing tool. “Aerial photos for farmers and cottagers do wonders. It’s one thing to look at a survey and it’s another to look at an aerial view on the page.”

Alex’s other passion, working hand in hand, is real estate. Alex bought his first home at age 16, and developed a passion for maximizing a home’s sale potential. “I bought and sold many properties, and saw what people were looking for. I came up with different ideas to attract the buyer. One day, I said ‘if I got my license, it would make things easier. I knew in depth what to do or not to do.”

Almost 20 years later, Alex has built a successful career with a long list of loyal and satisfied clients. He is the consummate professional. He is honest, trustworthy, kind, and truly cares about his clients. He believes strongly in providing personalized service, and prides himself on his duty to return phone calls promptly and to be available when clients need him. “I try hard to respond to people’s needs and to answer all their questions, or I’ll find all the answers necessary to satisfy their questions. I strive to respond to their requests in a timely fashion. People appreciate it, and I try to maintain that important approach.”

When you speak with Alex, his love of real estate is quickly evident. His enthusiasm, determination, and energy for his career and his life are infectious. A self-described perfectionist, Alex has a keen drive to succeed at whatever he attempts. His real estate business is no exception. Determined to do his best work for each and every client, Alex goes above and beyond to achieve the best results.

Alex’s motto is: Faith in Listing, Security in Selling and Confidence in Buying. “I want people to have faith in listing – faith that their property is going to be sold, that I will be there with them every step of the way, and their home will sell for the best price. Security in selling means I’m with them through the whole selling process and I’ll help them realize their whole game plan for after having sold. Confidence in Buying means I will find a great home for the buyer, and that I will do the best job for them.” Alex continues: “Confidence also means that I will educate the clients, and expose all information to them and that I’ll be there for them, persistently, in this competitive market. I’ve done this many times before, and will pass on important information. It gives people confidence because I advise them and I point out the positives and negatives to them.”

Alex’s long list of loyal and satisfied clients proves that Faith, Security and Confidence equal success. “Alex totally amazed us. I never thought he’d get us the price he did for our home. We’re absolutely thrilled,” enthuses Bill. From Ruby, another happy client: “Alex you’ve put up with us and our quirks and we’re very grateful. I’m sure we weren’t the easiest sellers. Your patience kept us sane and calm.” Pamela raves that Alex helped her to find her dream home. “Alex you were certain we’d find the right home, and we absolutely did. Our friends are looking to buy their first home, and we don’t want them to use anyone else. Your knowledge in so many related fields will put them at ease.”

In addition to the benefits his flying provides, Alex believes his determination and go-getter attitude is important to his success. “My sense of determination is crucial. Having a dream and following through. I always focus on my point of achievement. Whatever I do, I want to do the best at it, and I don’t let up until I achieve the ultimate goal.”

He also takes pride in his ability to see things from his clients’ perspective. “I put myself in their shoes. Their objectives become my objectives and I say ‘how would I do this for myself? Would I be happy if someone sold me this house?’ By seeing things from their perspective I understand their expectations and that’s what I work on.”

Alex describes himself as a “jack of all trades,” and this greatly benefits his real estate career. He has worked in public relations for VIA Rail, and speaks five languages. He is also skilled with renovations—everything from plumbing to electrical, and takes on challenges as a stress reliever.

Alex admits that with the heavy demands of his career, achieving balance in his life can be difficult. He loves the times when he can go up in his plane and unwind. “I get a lot of support on the home front, both personally and professionally, that helps me through the peaks and lows, helps me to untangle the webs I weave, and pushes me to escape to ‘the freedom of flight’.” He has three grown children who are happy and successful.

As for the future, Alex says he would love to travel more, and work to achieve a stronger life balance. He has no plans to slow down, and will continue to provide the same stellar level of service he has built his business on. Whatever he does, with his strength, determination, and winning attitude, Alex Fernandes will continue to fly high above the real estate world for many years to come.

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